Beats to Play Games to: The Art of Game Music Remixes

Have you seen that YouTube video, Zelda and Chill? The lo-fi hip-hop beats-to-play-Zelda-to game music remix album? No? Well, 5.8 million people have. Over the last decade, professionals, internet record labels, and amateurs have run full speed into this form of music that allows us to give an extra kick of love to our favorite tracks. But how did video game remixes get so big, and why are they so important for the industry today? Are they feeding back into mainstream game music composition? And how can YOU get started with remixing your favorite tracks and get them heard? Come watch a bunch of composers banter about what makes a killer remix, how to equip yourself to write your own tracks, and share some of their covers as they unlock the secrets of taking music to the next level.


Kyle Martin [Composer & Sound Designer, Kylydian Music], John “Slide20XX” Smith [Composer, Sound Designer, & Creative Director, Slide20XX & Really Decent Media], Patrick Allred [Audio Programmer & Composer, Independent], Mitchel Wong [Composer, Mitchel Wong Audio]