Beyond Tolkien: Queer, Non-European Worldbuilding

For decades now, the science fiction & fantasy scenes have overwhelmingly been dominated by cishet white creators & their worlds built on European narratives & traditions. Yet there has always been plenty of queer & POC creators that have been building new, breathtaking worlds, & narratives with their own perspectives & messages. The aim of this panel is to help showcase current creators, the past creations & creators that inspired them, & to inspire new voices to make their own unique worlds!


Sharang Biswas [Game designer, Independent], DC [Game Designer, Freelance], Kikka Delarose [Diversity consultant, Streaming tallent, Independent], Adam Koebel [CEO and Founder, Adam Koebel Broadcast Corporation], Mike Balles [Creative Developer, GEEKTOPIA], Angela Lemus-Mogrovejo [Content creator, Independant]