Bringing Family to the Table: Making TTRPGs Family Friendly

In the constantly growing field of TTRPGs, new players encourage the continuation of the games we love so much. And while we love the popular shows and podcasts featuring D&D, they’re not always welcoming to the next generation of players. This panel will discuss ways to make TTRPGs family friendly, highlighting adventures, supplements, and podcasts that encourage the entire family to get involved.


Kat Kruger [Chief Wordsmith, Steampunk Unicorn Studio, Dungeon Master, d20 Dames], Jen Vaughn [Narrative Designer, Very Very Spaceship, Player, d20 Dames], Brittni Liyanage [Producer, d20 Dames], Adam Davis [Executive Director, Game to Grow], Kelly Knox [Journalist, Geek & Sundry]