Bringing the Characters of The Outer Worlds to Life

Obsidian Entertainment has a long history of building narratively compelling worlds and characters for its RPGs, and that style of writing is on full display in The Outer Worlds. Megan Starks (Senior Narrative Designer), Carrie Patel (Senior Narrative Designer), and Kate Dollarhyde (Narrative Designer) break down what it means to create characters for the game from how they should fit in the world, what their personality should be, how they should interact with other characters, and how to give them life with a performance. Moderated by Andrea Rene, Co-Founder of What’s Good Games, this panel will explore how Obsidian Entertainment writers go about bringing their characters to life, and will show off an exclusive look at what players can expect to see and do when Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division release The Outer Worlds on October 25.