Casting Without Components: RPG Rules That Halt the Story

Some tabletop RPG rules are great on paper but grind your story to a halt in practice. A spell caster’s need for materials is great world building, but who wants to spend their whole session haggling for discounts at the shop? Surely there are less cumbersome ways to calculate carrying capacity? Join us as for a brief look at our favorite games from D&D to Alternity as we discuss the best rules to modify, break, or throw out in our search for the perfect tabletop experience!


Patrick J Brennan [Game Designer, Offcut Games], Liz Roche [Co-Founder, Gather Round Games], Nicole Amato [Co-Founder, Cardboard Fortress], Brian Friedrich [_, Brian Friedrich], Emma Larkins [Tabletop Game Designer, Emma Larkins], Kourtney Terry [_, Kourtney Terry]