Creating FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers - Narrative and Visual Insights

The newly released third expansion for FINAL FANTASY XIV, Shadowbringers, introduced players to a whole new world─quite literally─as they ventured through the most compelling chapter in the MMO’s story yet. Join art team lead Takeo Suzuki and main scenario writer Natsuko Ishikawa as they look back at how the unforgettable setting and narrative of Shadowbringers came to be.

No Warrior of Darkness will want to miss this glimpse behind the scenes, but those who have not yet taken up the mantle of shadow be warned: spoilers abound!


Takeo Suzuki [Art Team Lead, Square Enix], Natsuko Ishikawa [Main Scenario Writer, Square Enix], Aimi Tokutake [Translator, Square Enix], Matt Hilton [Host, Square Enix]