Don’t Stop Us Now! POC/LGBTQ Cosplayers in the PNW

We as POC and LGBTQ people feel that the cosplay community is vast and diverse but still has a lot to learn. This panel provides an important opportunity to help educate and lift each other up and give people the motivation to create that dream cosplay. We want to show that it doesn’t matter what your background is when it comes to cosplay – and each of us have our own way of making cosplay work for us. The cosplay community is an integral part of the con scene and we want to transform it to be more inclusive and positive. Our panel will feature presentation slides and a moderated discussion as we share our experiences, helpful tips and advice that attendees can apply to their own cosplay experiences.


Dahlia Darling Cosplay [Cosplayer, Dahlia Darling Cosplay], Black Bettie Cosplays [Cosplayer, Black Bettie Cosplays], Tori McKenna [Cosplayer, Cool by Proxy], Pedxing [Cosplayer/Photog, Pedxing.Photography], Depechemope [Cosplayer, Depechemope], Aceveria Cos [Cosplayer, Aceveria Cos]