Empowering Gamers: How Clinicians Use Video Games

Video games have emerged as the number one pastime activity among children and adolescents for the past decade.  There is much talk about what to do with overuse or even what defines overuse of gaming.  That is why this panel is here!  We all use video games and the mechanics found within gaming worlds to help better our clients. Wondering about the topic?  Have questions about what you can do to help your child [or even yourself!] succeed?  This panel is the one for you!


Dr. Anthony Bean [Executive Director/Clinical Psychologist, The Telos Project], Dr. Ryan Kelly [Clinical Psychologist, G33ks Like Us], Dr. Sarah Sawyer [Mental Health Therapist, Lead Clinician and Co-Owner of Save Point Behavioral Health], Dr. Chelsea Hughes [Research Psychologist, Riot Games], Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo [Clinical Director, Take This], Jessica Stone, PhD