Ages 13+

Esports in Schools: Academics and Emerging Programs

Schools across K-12 are interested in integrating the world of Esports into all levels of school curriculum to increase motivation and participation in their classes. Likewise, colleges and universities are looking to capitalize on building classes and programs that enhance and address the growing need for individuals with Esports industry experience. Industries involved in Esports are hoping they may assist in forming these curricular adoptions. Meanwhile, educators and administrators are considering how to leverage Esports in their classrooms. In this panel session, we blend questions and answers from all of these perspectives and with leading educators and industry leaders. Topics include the kind and format of curriculum being integrated, and existing classes and academic programs at the high school and university levels. The focus of discussion will be on current progress of Esports across all aspects of school curriculum, including examples of current classes and programs.


Brett E. Shelton [Professor and Esports Academic Coordinator, Boise State University], Chris Haskell [Professor and Esports Head Coach, Boise State Unviersity], Mark "Garvey" Candella [Director of Strategic Partnerships, Twitch], Todd Conley [Founder,], Andy Walker [Professor and Esports Coordinator, Utah State University]