From Bastion to Hades: 10 Years of Supergiant Games

In 2009, a small team hunkered down in the living room of a house to make a game called Bastion. When it didn’t fail miserably, the team moved out of the house, grew a bit, and proceeded to create Transistor, Pyre, and Hades. These have sold more than 10 million copies on more than 10 different platforms, each success making the next one possible. Join members of the team who’ve been through it all as they reflect on a decade of creating games together as a small independent studio.


Amir Rao [Studio Director, Supergiant Games], Darren Korb [Audio Director, Supergiant Games], Logan Cunningham [Voice Actor, Supergiant Games], Jen Zee [Art Director, Supergiant Games], Greg Kasavin [Creative Director, Supergiant Games], Danny O'Dwyer [Founder, Noclip Media], Gavin Simon [Development Director, Supergiant Games], Andrew Wang [Technical Director, Supergiant Games]