From Green Flame to Phasers: Creating in Another’s World

What can and can’t you do in the worlds created by others? How do you bring another’s world to life? How do you please devoted fans while still drawing in new audiences? How do you bring your creative talents to bear while honoring the boundaries of the company that owns the intellectual property? What horror stories have taken place?

Laugh and learn with contributors to the recent Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeons & Dragons book as they discuss how to create for different licensed properties - from the Forgotten Realms to Star Trek. This panel is especially helpful for tabletop designers, authors, and freelance writers, but enjoyable for all. We focus on the tabletop world, though the lessons apply to other media.


Teos Abadia [Tabletop Designer, Alphastream], Shawn Merwin [Tabletop Designer, Encoded Designs], Liz Spain [Game Designer, Lone Shark Games], Kat Kruger [d20 Dames Podcast, Chief wordsmith at Steampunk Unicorn Studio], Scott Fitzgerald Gray [Freelance Writer, Editor, Story Editor, Game Designer]