Geek Parents and Geek Babies

As the world becomes more geek friendly, geeks are raising their children in a world full of cosplay options, conventions, kid-friendly comic books, and more diverse cartoons than ever before. These parents will talk about what’s it like being geeks themselves, while raising geek babies. This includes finding the balance of supporting your kids’ chosen geekiness to accepting if they want to play sports instead of video games. From tears and tantrums to success stories, these parents have either seen it all or are about to face the world as geeks with their geeky babies.


Tifa Robles [Product Marketing Manager, Xbox], Mike Robles [Community Manager, Xbox], Heidi McLouth Millerick [Owner, Sugar Bytes Cupcakes and More], Wendy Vermeers [Project Manager, Privateer Press], Robert Schuster [Game Designer, Wizards of the Coast]