Geeks Like Us: Turning Your Passion Into A Career!

By far, the greatest power of geeks and gamers is their passion! However, such unapologetic enthusiasm is often misunderstood, shamed or rejected, especially in youth. Join Geeks Like Us as they discuss how to overcome such adversity, avoid common pitfalls, and develop a career in geek and gaming with professionals from Take This (gaming advocacy), Riot Games (gaming research), Hey Listen Games (educational curriculum design), Psychology of Zelda (author, media development), and Game to Grow (therapeutic table-top game development).


Dr. Ryan Kelly [Co-founder, Psychologist, Geeks Like Us, SEP], Dr. Chelsea Marie [Psychologist, Analyst, RIOT Games], Dr. Anthony Bean [Owner, Psychologist, Telos Project], Dr. Rachel Kowert [Research Director, CSO, Take This, Kitsune Analytics], Zack Hartzman [Founder, Education Specialist, Hey Listen Games], Dr. Jamie Madigan [Author of Psychology of Gaming, IO psychologist of LeaderAmp]