Good News, Everyone! A Discussion Of Reporting On Videogames

What is it like to be a reporter in the games industry? This panel brings together six journalists from different outlets to discuss the day-to-day of video game news reporting. We sit down and talk about how they start each day, find stories, research, connect with sources, and ultimately deliver the latest on what’s going on both in video games, and behind the scenes of their creation. Join Rebekah Valentine (GamesIndustry.Biz), Matt Kim (IGN), Imran Khan (Game Informer), and Eric Van Allen (USGamer) for a frank discussion about the business and our roles within it.


Rebekah Valentine [Staff Writer, GamesIndustry.Biz], Imran Khan [News Editor, Game Informer], Matt Kim [News Reporter, IGN], Eric Van Allen [News Editor, USGamer]