Great Big Table Read!

What’s better than playing an amazing visual novel curled up in a cozy nook? Watching a panel of talented voice actors perform the heck out of some upcoming, unique, or fan-favorite interactive stories and RPGs!

Watch a cast of talented performers bring Boyfriend Dungeon, Arcade Spirits, Astrologaster, The Window Box, Later Daters and brand new content from Monster Prom 2 to life as the audience plays together using their enthusiasm to guide our master of ceremonies through gameplay.

This is a new format and we’re excited to organize it at PAX West for the first time. Bring popcorn! Bring your friends, and bring your love for narrative games.


Miriam Verburg [Executive Producer, Bloom Digital Media], Sarah Elmalah [Voice Actor, Self], Erin Yvette [Voice Actor, Self], Jake Green [Voice Actor, Self], Cissy Jones [Voice Actor, Self], Armen Taylor [Voice Actor, Self], Cristina Vee [Voice Actor, Self]