Guess the Game with SNDTST

Do you hum the Zelda treasure theme every time you open anything? Do you shamelessly announce "Finish Him!" when you’re looking at your last bite of dinner? How well do you know your modern and retro video games by their featured music? Test your skill on a round of Guess the Game. A random song will begin playing and you get three guesses and two hints. Get it right and you will walk away with a GameBoy or Super Famicom cart imported from Super Potato in Osaka. Good luck!.


SNDTST [Creator, SNDTST], Big Shoe [CORE], Erika Olsen [Panelist, Game Producer], McD [Panelist, SNDTST], DarkRoadRun [Designer, SNDTST], Angelo Alcid [Game Industry Attorney], Tyler Loomis [Co-Creator, SNDTST]