How to Be a Champion For Your Gaming Community

It’s time to LEVEL UP!!! Let’s talk about some of the best ways you can go from being a fan to being a champion in your gaming community!

Learn all the (top secret) tips n tricks and types of discussions game developers love to have in their Twitter mentions, Discord servers, feedback forums, and more! We’ll teach you how to give feedback that developers will notice, how to get new players fall in love with your favorite games, and how you can help your community grow!

Come hang out with Community Management Masters like: Kara Holmes (Slime Rancher), Victoria Tran (Boyfriend Dungeon), Joe Tirado (Astroneer), Leanne Bradbury (Crypt of the Necrodancer), and Lisy (Armello).


Kara Holmes [Communications Manager, Monomi Park], Joe Tirado [Communications Lead, System Era Softworks], Victoria Tran [Communications Director, Kitfox Games], Leanne Bradbury [Senior Community Developer, Brace Yourself Games], Lisy Kane [Lead Producer, League of Geeks]