How to Build a Healthy Community Without Toxicity!

Every community suffers from toxicity but you don’t need to put up with it! Come along to our round table with a panel of community professionals talking about the strategies and tools you need to grow and keep a community healthy, be it on Twitch, Discord or the more typical social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Hear our tales of trolls, diversity, harassment, moderation and other more fun experiences. Come, listen, join in and leave feeling empowered and ready to grow an awesome community


Susie McBeth [Marketing and Communications Manager, Milky Tea], Samantha Abernathey [Social Media and Community Manager], Cristina Amaya [Evangelism Events Manager, Unity Technologies], Margaret Krohn [Community & Marketing Lead, Community & Marketing Lead], Victoria Tran [Community Developer, Kitfox Games.], Fiona Martin [Community Ambassador, Paradox Interactive]