I Got Cover Letters Comin’ Out the A**: Get That Games Job

Getting into the industry has changed and it’s now more possible than ever! Come hear from a diverse group of young industry professionals across multiple fields who broke in within the past 3 years. We’ll clarify what it takes to get in and offer more current advice to those who want to start a career in games. Where do you begin? What skills are most important? And how do you deal with the toll of rejection along the way? Learn about topics from resume-building and job-hunting, to networking and mental health. Panelists will share their experiences from the inside, answering any burning questions you have so that you can learn how to best set yourself up for a career in games!


Bernice Wong [UX/UI Designer, Pixelberry Studios], Jimmy Zhou [UX Lab Analyst, Epic Games], Megan Villablanca [Technical Artist Intern, Ubisoft], Walter Ferrell [Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment], Arabella Collins [Cinematics Games Designer, Supermassive Games], Calliope Ryder [Gamerunner, Starcolt Studio]