Ages 13+

Indie Friends Modify & Play Mafia

Returning for its fourth year at PAX West, the series formerly known as "Indie Game Designers Modify & Play" has now been gently renamed to highlight that many of our participating friends come from various aspects and disciplines within the industry. Yet they all join in for a singularly shared reason, to push those friendships to the brink by playing out our not-so-gentle, seriously messed up, wholly unpredictable rendition of this notorious social deduction game!


Pete Vellucci Jr [@ryvvn], Sarah Landstrom [@sarah_landstrom], Akash Thakkar [@AkashThakkar], Myriame Lachapelle [@MllePilgrim], Chris King [@batterystaple_g], Christopher Wulf [@chriswulf_], David Fooden [@20_Sided_Dave], Dominique Ferland [@dom2d], Emma Larkins [@emmalarkins], Ryan Cousins [@RyanCousins], Sarah Landstrom [@sarah_landstrom], Trevor Bradley [@trevor_bradley]