League of Heels Presents: Tall Tales and Other Stories

Side stories? Check. Backstories? Check. FUTURE stories!? Check, please! We have got it all for you here (except the main plot) because we know you’ve been craving to find out how some of your favorite League of Heels stars have impacted the world at large. Hear songs about the league’s biggest menace as his infamy spreads across the globe. See a stop-motion dream go off the rails. Witness the future as we find out how a particular hot dog loving man winds down his illustrious career. Shutter as you stare into the dark underbelly of Convention Jail. And so much more. There’ll be cameos, there’ll be guests, there’ll be nothing but a good time because that’s the League of Heels “Promise”*.


Eric Kanius [Video Producer, League of Heels], Pat Baer [Baer Caev, League of Heels]