LET'S GO! The Making of Smash Forward, Esports Documentary

The game is changing. Join the cast and crew of Smash Forward for a special insight into the making of one of the first esports documentaries focused on the Pacific Northwest grassroots community on the cusp of its exponential growth. Follow top players and commentators, and explore Seattle’s prolific Don’t Park on the Grass and Vancouver’s The Pinnacle. An exclusive cut will be shown, then ask the team any questions! Gaming is so much more than a game: it’s a medium players use to overcome.


Melissa Dex Guzman [Director, Moon Ghost Productions], Kial Natale [Director, Moon Ghost Productions], Martin Byerley [Player, Independent], Jen Zall [Community Builder, Independent], Courtney Gilbert [Community Builder, Independent], Brendan Pryde [Streamer, Independent]