Living the Dream: The Geek Shop Keep

Geek Shop Keep returns to PAX West with some tales of running that comic book shop, game store, arcade, or nerd bar that all fan folk daydream about.  You’ll learn the ropes, the dos, the don’ts, and the probably shouldn’t.  Our panel of experts will amaze and distract you with stories successful and fables of failure.  From persnickety patrons to resplendent regulars, all the words and work in between.  Come have fun with us as we hold onto the magic of the physical geek spots and the people that give us these oasis.


C0splay [Nerd MC and Former Gamestop Manager, Death*Star], Dizzy [Owner/Manager, Subspace Comics of Lynnwood WA], Matt [Owner, Another Castle Games], Matt [Owner, Zulu's Board Games], Paula [Owner, Fantasium Comics & Games]