LUL GAEM SUCKS: Interpreting Player Feedback

Everyone has ideas for how to make their favorite games even better. Sometimes those ideas are great! And sometimes terrible. Sometimes there are no ideas, just anger, negative reviews, downvotes, and memes that make us cry. How do developers listen to all this different kind of player feedback? How can players give better feedback? And why does it matter? Check out this panel with a bunch of devs who listened to players and lived to make a better game.


Jennifer Scheurle (@Gaohmee) [Lead Game Designer, ArenaNet], John Comes [Co-founder, Design Director, Utopos Games], Dennis Harper (@fretless23) [VP, Product Management, Asteri Networks, Inc], Tamara Hughes (@mamamonkey) [Community Manager, Against Gravity], Daniel Nichols (@adultswimgames) [Community Manager, Adult Swim Games], Andrew Ward (@AIE_USA) [Producer / Graduate of AIE, Co-Founded Grunka Munka Games]