Mega64 FunnyPunk 2077

It is the future, and comedy has evolved. While Mega64 has been around for over a decade and a half, they have received cybernetic upgrades to make them funnier than any "organics" (this is a future term used to describe regular, non-joke based humans). They will be showing new and unseen videos from their vault, which you will not need AR enhancements to see. They will also do Q&A, but only for Curiosity Droids which are not yet commercially available in Seattle.


Rocco Botte [Producer, MEGA64, INC.], Derrick Acosta [Director, MEGA64, INC.], Shawn Chatfield [Writer, MEGA64, INC.], Garrett Hunter [Effectsman, MEGA64, INC.], Kevin Bushong [Manager, MEGA64, INC.], Meg Turner [Designer, MEGA64, INC.]