Mix it Up! Cosplay Photography for Everybody

Are you a cosplayer trying to get photos of your hard work? Or a photographer looking to shoot cosplay photography? Both? We’re all nerds, so let’s work together! This panel is all about making cosplay inclusive for both cosplayers and photographers. Join local photographers and cosplayers to discuss networking, organizing photoshoots, working with different types of body types, and even how to take your own photos (this ain’t your average selfie!). Perfect for anyone new to cosplay photography or wanting to take their portfolio to the next level!


Jamila [Cosplayer/Photographer, Black Bettie Cosplay/Light+Ink Photography], Dahlia [Cosplayer, Dahlia Darling Cosplay], Ling [Photographer, Pexiing Photography], MissAmandaStars [Photographer/Cosplayer, Pretty Prism Photography], m0rkl [Cosplayer, m0rkl_gram Cosplay], Niko [Photographer, EagleRockets Photography]