Modding Minecraft

Have you ever wanted to take Minecraft further or in completely different direction? Do you want to experience the game in a way you never expected? Modding Minecraft will walk you through the process of how to start playing and modding Minecraft. Panelists include prominent figures from the community: KingLemming (Thermal Expansion), LexManos (Forge), Tamas Henning (Mercurius), and Darkosto (SevTech: Ages, SkyFactory 2.5, 3, & 4). Each member brings a unique perspective and insight. You’ll learn about the modding API, mods, and modpacks. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions.


Darkosto [Owner, Darkosto], King Lemming [Managing Security Consultant, IOActive, Inc.], LexManos [Owner, Forge Development LLC], Tamas Henning [Security Compliance Manager, Facebook/Calibra]