Networking: Making Friends for Fun and Profit

It is extremely unfair that having friends and acquaintances in an industry often makes getting started in that industry much simpler. While we cannot fix this fact, we can share tips on how to build relationships in your chosen field while also being a polite and reasonable human.

On this panel, we will answer questions such as: Should you get business cards? When is it weird to ask for someone’s email address? I just saw someone Twitter-famous at the bar, should I @ them? Let us help you navigate one of modern capitalism’s greatest horrors: networking.


Trin Garritano [Digital Outreach Lead, Kickstarter], Anya Combs [Games Outreach Lead, Kickstarter], Victoria Tran [Community Manager, Kitfox Games], Kevin Budnik [Artist, Cards Against Humanity], Pat Baer [Ringside Announcer, The League of Heels]