Nuisance or in need of nuance: gaming tech in healthcare

The value of gaming as engaging entertainment and distraction during illness has long been recognized. Within the medical field, gaming technologies are now increasingly utilized as viable, intentional therapeutic tools that help patients to manage pain and anxiety, to overcome clinical isolation, to augment physical therapy, to maintain social supports, to serve as educational tools, and more. However, a variety of debates have arisen including concerns around safety in online gaming, content restrictions and the impact of “violence” in games, and appropriate “screen time” that restricts its therapeutic potential. We will explore the current successes of using gaming technology as a therapeutic tool, the promise it holds for the future of the hospitalized patient, and how to find the nuance needed to address the challenges faced when turning technologies designed for entertainment into a new therapeutic tool within the medical field.


Abraham Homer [Gaming Technology Specialist, Children's Hospital Colorado], Dr. Joseph Albietz [Medical Director of Child Life / MD Critical Care, Children's Hospital Colorado], Luke Wilson [CEO, Mighty Immersion], J.J. Bouchard [Patient Technology Coordinator, CCLS, CTRS, C.S. Mott Children's Hospital], Zach Wigal [Founder, Gamer's Outreach]