Ages 13+

Parents Just Don't Understand - How to Bridge the Tech Gap

Dungeons & Dragons is demonic. Video games will make you aggressive. Online games are anti-social. Games, both digital and tabletop, have stricken fear in the hearts of parents since their inception. As games grow in popularity and technology becomes more sophisticated, these fears continue to magnify. It may come as a surprise to many parents that in the field of game studies (and ever growing field of academic study) the vast majority of these fears are completely unsupported by scientific research. Join us for a discussion about Dungeons & Dragons, video games, science, and parenting. Panelists will be answering the most pressing questions on parents’ minds today as well as tips and strategies on how to integrate gaming in to family life.


Dr. Rachel Kowert [Research Director, Take This], Dr. Ryan Kelly [Psychologist, Southeast Psychology], Adam Davis [Co-Founder and Executive Director, Game to Grow], Travis Eriksen [Executive Director, Child's Play Charity], Dr. Chris Ferguson [Psychologist and Media Researcher, Stetson University], Dr. Jessica Stone [Creator and Developer, Virtual Sandtray]