Ages 13+

So, You Want to be an Interactive Fiction Writer?

Dream Daddy. Choices. Monster Prom. Chapters. Reigns…Interactive fiction (IF) and visual novels are gaining in popularity on multiple platforms, and more and more developers are looking for IF writers. This panel of published interactive fiction writers and editors will share with you how to build up your IF sample portfolio, how you can find work writing interactive fiction, how to get paid, and how to make your own interactive fiction projects!


Toiya Kristen Finley [Game Designer, Narrative Designer, Game Writer, Editor, Schnoodle Media, LLC], Michelle Clough [Writer/Narrative Designer, Talespinners], Shae Rossi [Game Writer, Game Narrative Designer, Editor, FableLabs], Laura Scott [Writer, Narrative Designer, and Editor, Freelance], Juli√°n Quijano [Creative Director & Writer, Beautiful Glitch]