Ages 13+

Sonic the Hedgehog by Someone Who's Never Seen the Show!

Spec Script is the live podcast where a funny person writes an episode of a TV show they have never seen! For PAX we had no choice but to do the most beloved video game character to ever speed into our televisions: Sonic the Hedgehog. A movie with an interesting look might be coming out soon, but Spec Script is going to get there faster. This panel will feature some of Seattle & Portland’s funniest, geekiest, and Sonic-versed artists reading the script aloud. Somethings will be super wrong, other things will be weirdly accurate, everything will be hilarious. Our writers for this episode are Anica Cihla & Chris Khatami. Will there be running? Will there be Robotnik? Will Sonic even be a hedgehog? Find out as Spec Script brings Sonic to PAX West! (Spec Script is performed in Seattle and Portland, Spec Script has been featured at Rose City Comic Con, Portland Podcast Festival, Crypticon, Sacramento Podcast Festival, and many other cool events.)


Chis Khatami [Host, Spec Script], Shane Hosea [Host, Spec Script], Jaren George [Reader, Spec Script], Anica Cihla [Writer, Spec Script], Andy Iwancio [Reader, Spec Script], Mike Bennett [Reader, Spec Script], Kat Buckley [Reader, Spec Script], Left at London [Reader, Spec Script]