Speedrunning: Why Walk When We Can Backdash Cancel??

Speedrunning. Zip Dashing. Rapid Moseying. We’re a bunch of speedrunners, and we’re going to show off a bunch of cool speedruns! We’ll be chatting about the behind the scenes of speedrunning, and all the coolness and weirdness that comes from a community that really likes playing video games quickly. It’s a world of drama, passion, and FRAME OPTIMIZATIONS.

So stop by, watch some speedruns, ask some questions, and keep going fast.


BIGHONKINBURGER [Indie/PC, Speedrunner], SpikeVegeta [Interviewer, Speedrunner, Games Done Quick], Keizaron [Interviewer, Speedrunner, Games Done Quick], Jovo [Production Consultant, Jovo Productions]