Ages 13+

Starting Off Strong: The Top Ten Openings to a Video Game

Between the The Last of Us’ heartbreaking beginning, the intelligent tutorialization of Super Mario Bros., or BioShock’s haunting descent into Rapture, we can all agree that nothing is more important than a first impression. So which video game opening is the best?

Presented by OK Beast, listen in on a panel of media and industry experts - from outlets such as GameXplain, Spawn On Me, and Ubisoft - as they discuss, explore, and ultimately rank the video game openings that are worth remembering.


Blessing Adeoye [Executive Editor, OK Beast], Alex Van Aken [Managing Editor, OK Beast], Kahlief Adams [Owner/CEO, Spawn On Me], Steve Bowling [Reviews Coordinator, GameXplain], Youssef Maguid [Host and Editor, Ubisoft]