Ages 13+

The Cromulent World of Fictional Simpsons Games

Anyone who grew up in the ‘90s knows about the (mostly terrible) legacy of Simpsons video games, but what about the fictional games within the show itself? On this panel, join Talking Simpsons Podcast hosts Bob Mackey and Henry Gilbert, and comedy writer Mike Drucker (Nintendo, Marvel, Adam Ruins Everything, The Tonight Show, The Onion, and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee), as they give you a guided tour of the various ways The Simpsons has parodied the medium of video games. From Bonestorm to Escape from Grandma’s House to Robert Goulet Destroyer, we’ll walk our captive audience through the many, many games available exclusively in Springfield!


Bob Mackey [Host, Talking Simpsons], Henry Gilbert [Host, Talking Simpsons], Mike Drucker [Comedy Writer]