Ages 13+

The Improv Initiative Improves Incredibly

The Improv Initiative returns to put on another show! Each show is an incredible blast that highlights an incredible PAX. Several performers will improvise scenes based on your suggestions to create a comedy show never-before-seen and never-seen-again. I’d tell you there will be laughs and tears, but not even we know what’s going to happen. Someone once sliced their knee during a show. Finished the scene like a champ.


Graham Stark [Performer, LoadingReadyRun], Beej Dery [Performer, Tilty House Media], Ian Horner [Performer, Tilty House Media], Daniel Emmons [Performer, Riot Games], Alison Luhrs [Performer, Wizards of the Coast], Ben Ulmer [Performer, LoadingReadyRun]