Ages 13+

The Improv. Roleplayer's Handbook Volume III

Returning for it’s third installment, this edition of the handbook promises to be the best yet! Join our regular crew of improv. performers along with special guests from throughout the role-playing community, to learn how you can; tell better stories, make others look awesome, fail fast, and many other handy tricks to ensure everyone at your table is having a great time, with minimal preparation. Improvisation is the key to telling great stories together, and that’s what role-playing is all about, so join the gang to watch them play crazy role-playing inspired improv. games, featuring old favorites from the last two years, and some new additions that’ll keep you guessing. Dramatic moments and plenty of laughs guaranteed, no prior experience required.


James Trott [Dungeon Master, Dungeon Developments], Lisa Trott [Mother of Beholders, Dungeon Developments], David Ruttka [Karaoke Legend and Bardic Specialist, Bardic Specialists Inc.], Cory Casoni [Table Titan and Bidness Deity, Toonhound Studios], Scott Kurtz [PvP'er and Petrified Barbarian, Toonhound Studios], Hannah Rose [D&D Autheditor, Creator of Cartographers, and Professional Nerd, DnD Communitea], Amber Eagar [Marketing Engineer, Electronic Arts]