The Marvel of Marvel Gaming: What Keeps Us Playing?

There have been over 123 Marvel video games, spanning across 13 different consoles for 37 years! They have varied in gameplay, characters and publishers (over 45!) and have ranged between abysmal (Fantastic Four, 2007) to legendary ratings (Spiderman, 2018). So what accounts for such a dynamic and dominant franchise? Why do we keep playing?? Join a few renown gaming psychologists and professionals as they discuss the psychology behind the allure of Marvel gaming, including how we identify with an expanding universe of characters, live through them to better understand ourselves, and find our own inner-superhero through their stories, gameplay and achievements!


Dr. Ryan Kelly [Co-founder, Psychologist, Geeks Like Us, SEP], Dr. Sarah Hays [Psychologist, Ownder, Save Point Behavioral Health], Dr. Anthony Bean [Psychologist, Gaming Author, Telos Project, Author], Adam David [Game to Grow], Dr. Chelsea Marie [Psychologist, analyst, RIOT games], Dr. Emory Daniels [Communications Professor and Twitch Researcher, Appalachian State]