The Tale of the Years: Baldur's Gate, The Hells, & Beyond

Lore in the various worlds of Dungeons & Dragons has been built for over 40 years, & there is a vast well of events to draw inspiration from! This panel features prominent lore buffs who have been following the ins & outs of the realms of Dungeons & Dragons for decades. We will be discussing interesting lore pertaining to Baldur’s Gate, The Hells, & more! We’re here to help you better understand & execute Wizards of the Coast’s next upcoming adventure: Baldur’s Gate - Descent Into Avernus!


Kikka Delarose [Streaming Talent, Independent], James Haeck [Lead Writer, D&D Beyond], OboeCrazy [Community Manager, D&D Beyond], Margaret Krohn [Community Marketing Lead, CMO, Intrepid Studios & Roll4It], Teos Abadia [Freelance Tabletop Designer]