USGamer Presents: Axe of the Blood God LIVE: A Deep Dive Into the Amazing Visual Storytelling of Final Fantasy 7's Midgar

On USgamer’s official RPG podcast,we’ve talked extensively about how Final Fantasy 7’s atmosphere is still stunning thanks to the thoughtful construction of Midgar. With the Remake on its way, Nadia Oxford [USG], Tim Rogers [Kotaku], Jeremy Parish [Retronauts], and Ash Paulsen [GameXplain] delve into some of the most iconic areas of Midgar, from the Slums to Aerith’s Church, and break down why Final Fantasy 7’s famous setting is one of the greatest in gaming history.


Nadia Oxford [Staff Writer, USGamer], Mike Williams [Reviews Editor, USGamer], Alex Donaldson [Assistant Editor, VG247], Ash Paulsen [Producer, GameXplain]