Voiceover in Video Games: Back Again!

Returning for another year at PAX West, come to hear actors and game developers involved in video game voicework explain the stories and intricacies of their craft. Few things remain as immutable as the power of the human voice, even as video games continue to mature as an industry and art form. Sit down awhile and listen as voice actors from games such as Team Fortress 2, BATTLETECH, State of Decay, and developers credited on BATTLETECH and the Destiny series share their experiences in this evolving and endearing art form.


Gary Schwartz [Heavy from TF2], Michael D. Blum [Battletech], Jill Scharr [Senior Writer, Harebrained Schemes], Drew Hobson [State of Decay, Battletech], Rob Pearsall [Audio Director, Rip Street Audio]