Check out these new cosplay features coming to PAX West for the first time!


Been standing too long and your feet hurt? We’ve got you.  

Need somewhere to take off your helmet and eat in private? We’ve got you.

Feeling overwhelmed and needing a place to relax?  We’ve. Got. You! 

Come and hang out in our new Cospitality Lounge, presented by the Pacific Northwest Guild of Cosplayers.  We have everything you need to decompress, hang out with friends, and get ready to show off your latest cosplay. The Cospitality Lounge features seating, cosplay changing rooms, mirrors, hair/makeup stations and much more!


Having a cosplay emergency? Cosplay repair has you covered with spare tools and supplies to save your costume and get you back to enjoying the show! Presented by the Pacific Northwest Guild of Cosplayers.


If a weapon (gun, sword, gunsword, knife, bludgeoning object, bludgeoningknife, knifeknife, etc.) is part of your costume, please be sure to go through our weapons-check procedure at Info Desk on Level 4. For more info on our Cosplay policies check out our Safety & Accessibility page.

In addition, we ask that you not take pictures in the Expo Hall aisles for the sake of traffic flow, no matter HOW rad that Sheik costume is!


Strike a pose and take a photo at one of the many cosplay photo backdrops at the show! Prefer a group experience? Join a cosplay group photo op where everyone from your favorite fandom or franchise can meet up!