Seriously, we have so many tabletop games, you have no idea. Look, here’s what I want you to do. Think of a tabletop game, and go to the Tabletop Library. We’ve probably got it. Check out the game. Find a table.  If you’ve come with friends, force them to play with you. It shouldn’t be hard. If you’ve come alone, we’ve got a solution for that too...ask a Tabletop Freeplay Enforcer for a Looking for Group marker. Look, we’ve got this down. All you need to worry about is rolling them crits.


If playing for fun sounds like a waste of your incredible talents, you may be interested to know we also have an absolutely bonkers schedule of Tabletop Tournaments every PAX for your to partake in. Literally, we often have so many events, it breaks our schedule page! And don’t even get me started on what it takes to print out 200 events on a physical schedule banner!


Learn, play, and shop for the buzziest games from around the world. Most games in First Look have yet to be released in North America but are imported fresh for PAX. Provided by Zulu’s Board Game Cafe. First Look is located on Level 2 of the Summit.

Games available to demo in First Look:

  • Castles by the Sea 
  • Catan Soccer Fever
  • Challengers
  • Charms (Dois)
  • Chicken
  • Cosmoctopus
  • Dorfromantik
  • Earth
  • Horseless Carriage
  • Inflation (Zimbabwe Trick)
  • La Famiglia
  • Pick-a-Pepper
  • Queen by Midnight
  • Tall Tales
  • The Wandering Towers
  • Tiletum
  • Tribes of the Wind
  • Votes for Women