New for 2024, tabletop gaming is expanding its presence in the Summit building of the Seattle Convention Center. Fans can look forward to more of everything! Enjoy twice as much seating for tabletop freeplay with the same great library and more RPGs to play run by Baldman Games and Alexandria RPG Library. Also new this year, we’re excited to bring Paint and Take, perfect for any mini enthusiasts run by Atomic Mass Games.

More of a trading card gamer? Pastimes Events is back to run Magic: The Gathering, along with Star Wars: Unlimited run by Zulu’s Game Café, and Flesh & Blood run by Legend Story Studios.

Keep an eye on this page for more tabletop announcements before the show! 


Seriously, we have so many tabletop games, you have no idea. Look, here’s what I want you to do. Think of a tabletop game, and go to the Tabletop Library. We’ve probably got it. Check out the game. Find a table.  If you’ve come with friends, force them to play with you. It shouldn’t be hard. If you’ve come alone, we’ve got a solution for that too...ask a Tabletop Freeplay Enforcer for a Looking for Group marker. Look, we’ve got this down. All you need to worry about is rolling them crits.


If playing for fun sounds like a waste of your incredible talents, you may be interested to know we also have an absolutely bonkers schedule of Tabletop Tournaments every PAX for your to partake in. Literally, we often have so many events, it breaks our schedule page! And don’t even get me started on what it takes to print out 200 events on a physical schedule banner!


Learn, play, and shop for the buzziest games from around the world. Most games in First Look have yet to be released in North America but are imported fresh for PAX.