The PAX Rising Showcase is an intensely curated collection of games selected by the PAX Team and highlighted on the show floor. If a game is part of the Rising Showcase, it's because we believe the title stands out from the crowd in gameplay, entertainment, or inventiveness; regardless of which genres or platforms you favor.

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2022 Game Index:


Developed by: Jason Newman
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac, Linux

In Akurra, play as a mysterious castaway with no memories. Explore and work your way through ancient, puzzle filled islands in order to unravel a story told visually. During your journey you will meet new friends with extraordinary powers to aid you, as well as unlock new powers of your own. The controls are simple, using only directional movement input. There are no fast paced reactions required, so anyone regardless of physical ability can play. The puzzles are laid out in an interconnected open world, so you have freedom to explore. If you get stuck, you can easily move on to another area and return later with a fresh perspective. Akurra offers a wide range of difficulty: It is possible to reach the end of the game without completing the most challenging puzzles, so you can enjoy the game casually. However, there are special endings if you are a puzzle master attempting the daunting task of 100% completion. Akurra is a relaxing and atmospheric go at your own pace experience. Brimming with surprises and secrets, you will relive the nostalgia of retro favorites while experiencing a totally new take on a classic puzzle genre! A world of puzzles awaits!

Astral Ascent

Developed by: Hibernian Workshop
Genre: 2D rogue-lite platformer
Platform: PC, later console for 1.0

Astral Ascent is a 2D platformer rogue-lite game where you must defeat 12 almighty bosses. Solo or with a friend, play with 4 unique Heroes and create your own build thanks to dozens of original spells.


Developed by: Janarik Games
Genre: Rhythm Platformer
Platform: PC

BeatBeat is the ultimate rhythm platformer: Left hand moves, right hand grooves. Every level is packed with vaporwave aesthetics and funky beats.

Beneath Oresa

Developed by: Broken Spear Inc
Genre: Roguelike Deckbuilder
Platform: PC

Beneath Oresa, a fighting roguelike deckbuilder, takes you deep within the city to confront your foes. As a strategist, choose your cards, upgrades, and artifacts wisely, but as a fighter, turn their positioning to your advantage.

The Brew Barons

Developed by: Lifetap Studios
Genre: Open world flying, with elements of crafting, rpg, and air combat.
Platform: PC

Customize your seaplane and explore a beautiful open world inspired by the Ghibli classic Porco Rosso. Explore the islands to find ingredients to craft into delicious brews and expand your brewing empire, and lead the fight against the nefarious pirates who threaten the land.

Death Roads: Tournament

Developed by: Jason Newman
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac, Linux

Death Roads: Tournament is a deck-building roguelike turn-based game where players compete in a deadly TV race show. It is you who will take part in the tournament to fight for a better life! First, choose your driver and car. You will get your ride with the starting weapon set. Then pick a sponsor who will determine the starting point on the map. Decide carefully, because you can’t change this decision later! You will come across many enemies and other contenders on the road. Try to escape them or fight to the last drop of blood. Remember that there can only be one winner, and all tricks are allowed. If you can’t shoot, just bash the opponent! Collect parts from adversaries that you install in your car. This way, you will get new, dangerous weapons, engines, and wheels to surprise your rivals and help you win. Complete the deck and combine cards into deadly combinations! Each skirmish brings you closer to winning, so never slow down; just rush forward. Remember that Death Roads is a race that is easy to lose. Then you will have to start your journey all over again. Good luck, and see you at the finish line!

Freshly Frosted

Developed by: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch

Solve puzzles in the world's most adorable donut factory! Freshly Frosted is a puzzle game that's all about satisfaction. A friendly narrator calmly guides you as you move through 144 puzzles, grouped into a dozen tasty dozens. Each dozen features a new mechanic, a unique pastel aesthetic, a special adorable donut type, and a pair of catchy songs to jam out to while you play; one chill track to puzzle to, and one hype track to watch your factory go! This donut-filled game delivers interesting challenges in frustration-free packaging. With many settings to adapt the game to your liking including custom controls, modified visuals, accessibility settings, and helpful hints, Freshly Frosted is the perfect bite for any puzzle-lover with a sweet tooth.

Haiku, the Robot

Developed by: Mister Morris Games
Genre: Action-Adventure, Metroidvania
Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch

Haiku the Robot is a cute adventure-exploration game set in a vast interconnected world full of corrupt robots and machinery. Explore the dying land of Arcadia; fight fierce machines; befriend quirky robots, and seek answers to the mysteries of the world around you. Explore. Forge your own path through a vast interconnected world full of corrupt robots and machinery. Map uncharted paths and explore the hidden depths of Arcadia. Fight. Dodge, dash, and slash as you battle fierce-looking machines. Challenge your skills and reflexes through tight melee combat and epic boss fights. Discover. Evolve with powerful items and abilities, allowing you to reach previously inaccessible areas. Meet a variety of quirky robots, both friend and foe, and discover the dark secrets of the world around you.

It's a Wrap!

Developed by: Chanko Studios
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch

It’s a Wrap! is a challenging 2D puzzle platformer set in 1980s Hollywood, where you play both the director and the star of action-packed, low-budget films. All you wanted to do today was shoot a nice little popcorn movie, but everything is going wrong! As the director, you need to synchronize the actors and props that are messing up their timings. Then, as the movie’s star, you need to remember your script and play out the scene—without getting crushed by that giant boulder. Each level is part of a film with its own unique genre and look inspired by the biggest blockbusters of the 80s. See if you can spot all the references to your favorite fictional professors of archaeology, space wizards, or old soldiers on the run from the law!

Kaiju Wars

Developed by: Foolish Mortals
Genre: Strategy
Platform: PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Note: available for PC on Steam, console releases coming soon

Play out a Kaiju movie as the (hopelessly) outclassed military in this stylish 2D turn-based strategy game. Construct buildings and defend your city with cannon-fodder tanks, jets and more as the devastating kaiju grow in power with every attack.

Little Kitty, Big City

Developed by: Double Dagger Studio
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC, Consoles (unannounced)

You're a curious little kitty with a big personality, on an adventure to find your way back home. Explore the city, make new friends with stray animals, wear delightful hats, and leave more than a little chaos in your wake. After all, isn't that what cats do best?

March March!

Developed by: Lepka Games
Genre: Strategic Roguelite
Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

March! March! is a strategic roguelike adventure with turn-based combats. Travel on the global map, and defeat various enemies and bosses. Upgrade your hero and army. Each turn you have to decide where to spawn new units. Tell the soldiers where to March! March! and they'll do the rest.