PAX Together

PAX Together is a program which celebrates diversity, underrepresented groups, and stigmatized topics, both at PAX and in the gaming community at-large. PAX believes that games should be for everyone and made by anyone. Whether you're here to meet old friends or find new faves, we aim to have something for everybody.

PAX Together Picks is a curated selection of games, events, and panels which are recognized by PAX for celebrating and centering marginalized groups and stigmatized topics. A PAX Together Pick uplifts those of underrepresented backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences within gaming.

Look for panels and booth with the PAX Together logo to indicate that it's a PAX Together Pick!

If you're an organization focused on uplifting and supporting gamers who are members of marginalized groups, apply to be an Exhibitor in the PTI!

If you've got a game that you think fits what we're looking for and could be featured as a PAX Together Pick, we'd love to hear all about it!

The Diversity Lounge has leveled up and is now The PAX Together Intersection (Rm 440)!!! The Intersection is the hub for the various branches of PAX’s diversity initiative, PAX Together. The PAX Together Intersection aims to be a reflection of the intersectional identities of gamers. This includes a variety of nonprofits and community groups focused on elevating underrepresented groups’ experiences and addressing stigmas in gaming culture. It is a safe and supportive space for anyone who wants to find community and commonality with other people who play games.

The PTI Games Library features tabletop, board, and roleplaying games from small and independent BIPOC creators and creators of stigmatized identities. In addition to featuring these games, The PTI Games Library also uplifts attendees from these communities by providing safe space gaming tables with like-minded GMs, or Storytellers.

These games utilize safety tools, promote diverse and respectful tables, and encourage players and Storytellers to come as themselves. PAX recognizes that you can play any game at various locations throughout the show, but offers The Intersection tables with an expectation, not exception, of acceptance.

If you’re interested in being a Storyteller and running a safe space table in The Intersection, apply here!