EK Water Blocks is providing PAX West's largest-ever, liquid-cooled LAN Area with over 250 EK Fluid Gaming PC's packed with the latest AAA games for you to test and play. Each PC is powered by the new RTX 3070 & RTX 3070 TI Founders Edition. Bring home incredible memories and exclusive prizes!

Rather show off your own rig? Visit our BYOC area we’ve got a separate section of the PC Area spaced out ready and waiting with a power splitter and an ethernet port for you to bring your rig in to PAX. Whether you’ve got some fancy case mods to show off, or you can’t stand the idea of playing without your custom-tweaked settings, or maybe you just want your own private seat at PAX to retreat to between events, BYOC is a pretty sweet deal.  Just be aware that it DOES require it’s own badge, available here.

Finally, we also have a whole array of tournaments in PC for you to show your dominance, or more likely (especially in my case), find a bigger fish to gobble you up whole and spit out the bones. But, maybe you’re better than I am. Probably. But there’s one good way to find out, and that’s to see the full rundown of tournaments on our schedule available here.