Schedule Is Live

Aug 26, 2021

We're so excited to see you back in Seattle! After such a long absence, especially one that saw so many of us stuck in our houses, it's admittedly a little odd to be this jazzed about a place we've historically also referred to as Home. But while we're busy taking the dust covers off the furniture and airing out the parlor, we wanted to give you a little insight on how the place is looking.

With everything going on, it's been hard for some of our friends to physically make it to the show, especially those who'd need to travel internationally. We’ve worked harder than ever before to fill the showfloor with friends, neighbors, and new arrivals, and our schedule is full of flavor with panels, presentations, and esports competitions. 

Like other events coming back after the pandemic, this PAX might not feel as grand as it would in previous years, but with that in mind, just know that we've renewed our focus on this, your beloved celebration of gaming, and redesigned the show to give you more ways to safely come together with the rest of the PAX community.

We'll be updating health and safety guidelines as new information comes in, so if you haven't looked them over recently, please do so now. You can find more information about the showfloor, schedule, and events on the PAX site. We can’t wait to see everyone and welcome you all back home - it’s been too long!

Thanks, and SEA you soon - PAX Team